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BrewDog (UK)

In het vast assortiment :

5AM Saint 24x33cl
Dead Pony Club 24x33cl in fles en blik
Hardcore IPA 24x33cl 
Libertine Black Ale 24x33cl
Punk IPA 24x33cl in fles en blik
Trashy Blonde 24x33cl

Wisselend in Voorraad : 

Shipwrecker Circus 24x33cl
Hello My Name is Sonja 24x33cl
Cocoa Psycho 24x33cl
Mix Tape 8 24x33cl
Electric India 24x33cl
Old World India Pale Ale 12x66cl
Old World Russian Imperial Stout 12x66cl
Jack Hammer 24x33cl
ZeitGeist 24x33cl